Charisma is a small, friendly unisex hair salon and beauty salon.
We offer high quality services to the village of Caddington and the surrounding areas.

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Charisma Hair and Beauty Salon

Charisma Hair and Beauty Salon started in December 1987 where we have stood the test of time.

The Salon is run by Kay who employs four staff, all of whom are part-time and live locally.

Our salon is open five days a week, and offers more than just hair cuts and styles.

On top of this, we also offer chiropody.

We also help the community by offering reduced prices for children and the retired.

Charisma also helps our local community by offering home hairdressing on a temporary or permanent basis.

This is aimed at those who cannot get to our salon because they are ill, or cannot drive anymore.

We are also keen fundraisers and love to support our local charities.

Meet The Team At Charisma

Charisma pride ourselves on the quality of staff we employ.

Making sure all of our staff are local, we can ensure a friendly and community feel atmosphere within out salon.

So please take a little time to read about our fantastic team in their own words.

Hi, my name is Kay and I have been hairdressing since I was 16.

I did a 3 year apprenticeship at Wendy’s Salon in Harpenden (1 day release to Barnfield Hairdressing College in Luton).

After, I then moved to Luton, and worked at Richard Anthony Salon in Leagrave.

From there, my father-in-law helped me set up on my own.

I took over a salon in Dallow Road called Carole Ann.

After a year or so, we bought Barbara Ann Salon in Elm Avenue, Caddington (now called Charisma).

I have been here for over 31 years, living in Caddington with my husband, Martin, and stepson, Joe, and 2 cats. 

Also, I enjoy raising money for Keech Hospice Care and Breast Cancer Care.

I have held many garden parties, did a Sky Dive for Keech, and have help Father Christmas when he comes to the village on the Smiley Sam Keech Train!

Caddington is a great village to live in, and I try to take part in as many village activities as possible, and give support where ever I can.

Long may it remain a lovely village.

Kay at Charisma Hair and Beauty Salon
Kay - Charisma Hair and Beauty Salon Owner
Sena at Charisma Hair and Beauty Salon
Sena - Working Part Time at Charisma

Hi, may name is Sena and I am 30 years old.

I have 3 gorgeous children and a partner of 14 years.

In most of the half terms, I love going to my Nans Caravan at Walton on the Naze with the children 

And I also enjoy spending time with the family.

I have worked at Charisma since I was 13 years old.

Since having had the children,I just work part time.

Hello my name is Jasmine and I’m 17 years old. I have been working at Charisma since I was 14, starting in November 2019.  I have a twin sister called Isabel and I live with my mum and dad in Caddington village.  I have lived here since I was one.
 I am currently doing my A-levels at Manshead School six form.  I am about to finish my first year and I’m excited to see what the future brings I love working in Charisma as a Saturday girl and Thursday after six form, as I enjoy being creative with hair and working in the salon helps me achieve this goal. 

Amy at Charisma Hair and Beauty Salon
Amy - Up and Coming Apprentice

Hello, I am Amy Dagger and I am 17 Years old.

I have worked at Charisma since 6th September 2018 as a Saturday girl.

From September 2019, I will become Charisma’s Hairdressing Apprentice!

I have lived in Caddington since 2008 with my parents Dawn and Andy.

My twin brothers were born in 2011, and are called Jake and Ryan.

I love working at Charisma Hair and Beauty Salon, as I get to meet new people. 

Hello my name is Kelsie and I am 13 years old. I have been working at Charisma since 31.12.2021. I
live in Slip End and have been there for 5 years. I have an older sister, Tayla, and a younger brother,
I have wanted to be a hairdresser for 5 years…. Following in my mums footsteps. In September I am
taking Hairdressing as a GSCE, so when I finish school I will hopefully have my NVQL1
I like meeting my friends outside of school. At the moment I am in year 9 ,doing end of year test for
my levels in year 10.
I enjoy working in Charisma after school on a Friday because it gives me a head start towards my
course work.

Charismas' Hair Salon Price List

Inside Charisma

Charismas’ prices are very competitive, and great value for money.

If you are unsure of anything, then please do not hesitate to contact us before you book your appointment.

Foil/Meche Lights
(£54.00 OAP)

Half-Head Lights
(£38.00 OAP)

Gun Lights
(£51.00 OAP)

Second Colour
(£20.00 OAP)

Individual Slices
(£6.00 OAP)

Own Tint Application
(£12.00 OAP)

Blow Dry After Treatment
(£7.00 OAP)

Goldwell Acid Perm

Glamour Wave Perm

Permanent Tinting

Cap Highlights
(£37.00 OAP)

Vibrance Tinting
(£33.00 OAP)

Shampoo and Set
(£9.00 OAP)
Blow Dry
(£12.00 OAP)
Extra Styling
(£5.00 OAP)
(£9.60 OAP)
Childrens’ Cut

The Charisma Museum

I have been collecting hairdressing memorabilia for many years and now.
I have found a home for some of the items in my salon in Elm Avenue.
It started when a customer found a Hairdressing Book published in the ’30s for 30p in a jumble sale and gave it to me.
Sadly I have since misplaced this, however from then on I decided to collect small items for posterity.
They have been stored in my loft until I knew where and how to display them.
I have now been able to put together a nice selection in my small cabinet at the Salon.
(Maybe I will graduate to a bigger cabinet, or… who knows!)
Thanks to many clients who have found things whilst in the process of clearing out their or their parent’s lofts when moving house.
They have donated their vintage hair dryers, tongs, etc to me, knowing I have a sentimentality about our precious history of hairdressing.
Please come and look and reminisce.
Many Thanks Kay McIlroy
Charisma Museum
My Collection
My Mid Century Cabinet (possibly from a Haberdashers) is a wonderful display unit for my Collection of Hairdressing Memorabilia
Museum Piece 9
Various Finger Wave Clips
Museum Piece 2
Donated by Mrs C Graham
This beautiful Carmen Boutique Set of Heated Rollers is in excellent condition, and in good working order.
Museum Piece 7
Donated by Mrs B Blake
A 1950s Bakelite Hawkins Supreme Hairdryer. Very heavy!
Museum Piece 3
A Ronson Escort 2000 Hairdryer in its own Carry case c1970s
Museum Piece 8
Donated by Mrs C Graham
A Morphy Richards Hairdryer.Part of a Set – Dryer, Stand, Hose, & Hood
Museum Piece 4
A Set of Carmen 17 Heated Rollers. Popular of their time
Museum Piece 6
Donated by Mrs S Farrow
A most unusual set of Heated Curlers from the ’50s. they attach to an Iron to heat them up!
They cost 42 shillings &11d originally. (paperwork to confirm)
Museum Piece 5
Donated by Mr & Mrs Sexton; and Mrs J Skipp
A selection of Hot Styling Brushes and Tongs from the ’70s
Donated by Mr & Mrs Sexton; and Mrs J Skipp
Museum Piece 10
Various Metal Curlers

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